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Jack Jeebs
Background information
Feature films Men in Black
Men in Black II
Television programs Men in Black: The Series
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Tony Shalhoub
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Jack Jeebs
Other names Jack
Personality Comical, helpful, timid, kind-hearted, loyal, dim-witted, occassionally deceptive
Occupation Pawn Shop Owner
Alignment Good
Affiliations Men in Black
Home New York City
Allies Agent J, Agent K (most of the time)
Enemies Corn Face, Dog-Poop Alien, Ballchinian, Pineal Eye, Mosh Tendrils, Charlie & Scrad
Likes Selling his merchandise, making money
Dislikes His head being shot off (only for it to grow back), Agent K's occasional bad attitude
Powers and abilities Head-regeneration
Quote "YOU INSENSITIVE PRICK! Do you have any idea how much that stings?

Jack Jeebs is a supporting character in Men in Black and Men in Black II. He is the owner of a pawn shop that sells stolen goods.


Jack Jeebs enjoys working at his shop because he "loves the hours", though he in some cases, secretly sells weapons to unauthorized or unlicensed aliens, even though he insists he hasn't sold weapons for five years. This often gets him into trouble with the Men in Black, and sometimes, with the police. Thus, Agent K is usually forced to resort to shooting his head off, or threatening to do so, to make him cooperate.



Men in Black

Jeebs first appears when James Edwards and K go to question him about a peculiar-looking gun that a fugitive cephalapoid that Edwards chased down earlier pulled on him. Jeebs denies it, but after getting his head shot off by Agent K, he shows them that he sold the weapon in question, a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity, to the fugitive. K concludes that the fugitive intended to use it to kill someone, and asks who the fugitive's target was, though Jeebs insists that he doesn't know. K orders him to get rid of all the weapons, or he'll be shot where it "don't grow back", and Edwards tells him that he'll want to talk to him about the stolen rolexes in the future.

Men in Black II

After Serleena takes over MIB headquarters before K can be deneuralyzed, he and J discover that Jeebs happens to own another deneuralyzer. He initially claims he doesn't have it, but when J threatens to blow his head off, he confesses to keeping it downstairs. The process works and K regains his memory. However, Jeebs reveals that his deneuralyzer lacks the updated software. Shortly afterwards, Serleena's goons attack the store in search of K; they subdue J, but thankfully, K defeats the thugs with little effort. It is unknown what happens to Jeebs afterwards.



  • In televised airings of the first film, when first demonstrating his head regeneration ability, Jeebs' line of "You insensitive prick!" was toned down to "You insensitive jerk!".

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