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Laurel Weaver
Background information
Feature films Men in Black
Television programs Men In Black: The Series
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Linda Fiorentino
Voice Jennifer Lien (Season 1-3)

Jennifer Martin (Season 4)

Performance model
Honors and awards Nominated—Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Supporting Actress – Sci-Fi

Nominated—Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy

Character information
Full name Dr. Laurel Weaver
Other names Agent L
Personality Resourceful, timid, helpful, orderly, vigilant, clever
Occupation Coroner
MIB agent (briefly)
Alignment Good
Nationality American
Goal To stop Edgar the Bug (succeeded)
Home New York
Allies Agent J, Agent K
Enemies Edgar
Likes Helping scientists
Dislikes Getting caught by Edgar
Powers and abilities
Fate Becomes Agent J’s new partner, later returns to the morgue

Laurel Weaver (aka Agent L or Elle) is a character from the comic/movie Men in Black, and one of the newer recruits like Agent J, unlike J though, L adapts to the emotional demands of her new station as an M.I.B. agent much more naturally though still has certain issues with protocol and ethics.


Laurel Weaver is a resourceful scientist who helps Agent K and Agent J. She is fascinated by anything scientific, particularly when two aliens disguised as humans are brought to the morgue. 

Role in the film

Laurel first appears at the NYPD station and talks with James Edwards about the fugitive he chased down, and invites him to come to the morgue to look at the fugitive's mangled body. However, she is neuralyzed by Agent K on the way out. 


  • "Interesting job you guys have."



  • In the live-action film, Agent L is a brunette and has brown eyes, but in the animated series, Agent L is a blonde with blue eyes.
  • Unlike J and K, Agent L was absent in Men in Black II and Men in Black 3 with no explanation why.

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