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  • The "Kevin Spacey" article was just fine the way it was. PLEASE STOP TAMPERING WITH IT. 

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    • I don't have any problems with minor adjustments. As long as you leave the Infobox picture and starting paragraph as is, it's fine. 

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  • Will you please stop tampering with the articles I created? It frustrates me to see you tampering with my hard work.

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    • I thought I nicely asked you not to do too much work on The Goldbergs article. If you keep this up, I won't have very much work to do on it.

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    • Don't you ever read your messages??

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  • It's about time you learned how to do a movie transcript properly. Use this transcript from the 2017 horror film IT as an example: 

    Creepy Voice: Stanley... [Stan turns around, shining his flashlight down the tunnel]

    Stan: Beverly? Is that you? [suddenly, Pennywise appears at the end of the tunnel; next thing Stan knows, he's been separated from Bill, Richie, Ben, Eddie, and Mike, standing in an empty chamber, with flowing water, pipes, and passageways] Guys? [he shines his light around the room] Guys? 

    [Meanwhile, Eddie turns around and notices Stan is missing.] 

    Eddie: What?

    Richie: Guys, where's Stan? 

    Eddie: Stanley! Stanley! Stan! [they move through the tunnel, into a water-filled corridor] Oh, shit. Greywater. Stan? 

    [Ben and Bill carefully enter the corridor.]

    Bill: Stan! Eddie: Stanley! [the five of them journey through the corridor; Stan continues looking around the room he inexplicably ended up in when he hears footsteps; suddenly, the flute lady comes right for him with her mouth full of sharp teeth open; from a distance, the others hear Stan scream]

    Mike: Stan! 

    Richie: Shit! Stan! 

    Eddie: Stanley! [they reach a door, which they struggle to open]

    Bill: We're coming, man!

    Eddie: We're coming! Don't worry. [Bill, Richie, Ben, and Mike forcefully push the door open, entering the room where Stan ended up]

    Bill: Stan?

    Eddie: Stanley! Stan! [sees his flashlight on the floor] His flashlight! [grabs the flashlight, and goes around the corner to see the flute lady trying to eat Stan's face off; the five react with horror]

    Richie: What the fuck is that thing? Oh, shit. [the flute lady looks up at them, and backs away as Eddie screams] Oh, shit. [the flute lady disappears around the corner, a second later, Pennywise appears in her place] Oh, shit! Oh, shit!  Boys: Stanley! Stanley! Stan! Stanley!

    Stan: [sitting up in utmost panic] No! No! No!

    Bill: It's okay. 

    Stan: You left me! You took me into Neibolt! You're not my friends! You made me go into Neibolt!

    Eddie: Stanley, I'm sorry. 

    Stan: You made me go into Neibolt! This is your fault. [Bill looks to his right and sees a figure that appears to be Georgie standing in front of a passageway, before the figure runs down the passage; Bill gives chase.]

    Boys: We would never let anything happen to you. We're here for you. You know we wouldn't do that to you. Come on. 

    Eddie: [looking up to see now Bill is gone] Bill! Bill! 

    Mike: Bill! 

    Eddie: Bill! [the five head into the passage that Bill just went into] [Bill runs down the passage, and sees "Georgie" go down another tunnel, which leads to the room where Beverly was earlier. Through the wide open hatch, Bill can see the numerous children's belongings; as he moves forward, he sees Beverly levitating.]

    Bill: Beverly! [he runs to her and looks up at her as she remains suspended in midair, still wearing a blank facial expression and glossy eyes; he jumps up trying to grab her, to no avail; he then grabs a wooden box from the mountain of toys to use as a block to reach her when he sees "Georgie" standing on the other side of a pit; he runs off] I'll come back for you, Bev. [he continues following "Georgie"]

    Stan: Bill! [he and the others are still following Bill's trail]

    Eddie: Bill! [turning to the left, into another water-filled path] Bill! [he suddenly falls in the water]

    Richie: Come on. Get out of there, dude. That's greywater.

    Eddie: Wait, wait, wait. Oh, my god. Where's my fucking flashlight?! [they then see mutilated human heads in the water] Richie: Eddie! [though horrified by the sight of the mutilated heads, they continue following the tunnels] Come on, let's get the fuck out of here! Come on!

    [In Pennywise's Lair, Bill continues walking along the mountain of toys, and stops after seeing "Georgie" through a wall of water flowing into a deep hole.]

    Mike: [the others have reached the lair, and immediately glimpse Beverly in midair] Bev? Bev?

    Eddie: Beverly?

    Ben: Beverly?

    Richie: Holy shit. 

    Ben: Bev. 

    Richie: [they step forward, shocked to see Beverly suspended in the air] Shit. How-how is she in the air?  Eddie: [glancing up above the mountain of toys] Guys... are those...? 

    Stan: The missing kids... floating. 

    Ben: [as Mike and Richie are lifting him off the ground so he can reach Beverly] Just help me grab her. 

    Richie: Shit. [Ben manages to grab hold of Beverly's feet and starts pulling her down]

    Ben: I'm slipping. [he gets Beverly low enough for Mike and Richie to grab hold of her as well; Ben stares into Beverly's glossy eyes and blank face as the others look on in concern ] Bev. [he shakes her, only for her head to tilt downwards] Beverly. Why isn't she waking up?! What is wrong with her?! Beverly, please! Come on! [he hugs her, to no effect; finally, in a last ditch effort, he kisses Beverly in a sort of, CPR fashion]

    Boys: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

    Richie: Wow. [Ben backs away from Beverly; after a few seconds, Beverly gasps as her eyes return to normal and she regains consciousness] 

    Ben: Bev? [looks at her, and she looks back at him]

    Beverly: "January embers" 

    Ben: [looking at Beverly with a passionate smile] "My heart burns there too" 

    Richie: Jesus, fuck. [laughs and embraces Ben and Beverly; Eddie and Stan laugh as well]

    Mike: Oh, God. [he, Eddie, and Stan join in the embrace as well; as they get over their relief that Beverly is safe, Eddie walks away, in the direction that Bill went]

    Beverly: [looking around and noticing Bill isn't there] Where's Bill? 

    That should give you a good indicator that you're doing it all wrong. 

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    • Can't you do anything right? You know what? Maybe it would be better if you let me take care of the Men in Black transcript from now on.

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  • Stop messing with the Harrison Ford article. If you keep this up, you'll be blocked from editing, maybe permanently.

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  • This is just the movie Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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