Triumph Films (also known as Triumph Releasing Corporation) is a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment geared towards theatre and direct-to-video film production and distribution.


It was originally founded in 1982 as a joint venture between Columbia Pictures and the French company Gaumont to distribute foreign films in the US. On March 24, 1988, Columbia Pictures revived Triumph. In 1989, Triumph distributed films by Crédit Lyonnais' Epic Productions Inc. (Not to be confused with Epic Records). On November 23, 1994, Triumph Releasing Corporation was renamed to Sony Pictures Releasing Corporation, and the Triumph name was spun off as Triumph Films. After being shut down in 1997, the Triumph Films label was re-activated in 2003. Eventually, the label turned dormant in 2008 and became an in-name-only division of Sony Pictures Releasing Corporation. In 2014, the label was revived yet again for the release of The Remaining.

Notable films include To Gillian on Her 37th BirthdayThe AmbulanceBrainscanMagic in the Water (co-released by TriStar Pictures), The Golden LawsSteamboy and the critically panned SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2.