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Wormwood Motors
Background Information
Feature films Matilda
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Owner(s) Harry Wormwood
Visitors Michael Wormwood, Zinnia Wormwood, Matilda Wormwood, Agatha Trunchbull,
Final state Goes bankrupt after Harry becomes prosecuted for his illegal dealings by the authorities.

Wormwood Motors is a location from the 1996 film Matilda where Harry works every day to sell used cars for unfair prices.

Role in the film

Harry takes his kids over to his workplace, to teach his son Michael of how to run this place. He shows that he bought a broken down car, He reattaches broken bumpers back on the car using super-super glue rather than wielding. Next, he pours in sawdust to make the car's engine run for a couple of miles. Lastly, He shows Michael he can reverse the speedometer with a bi-directional drill, much to Michael's amazement. Matilda accuses him of being an dishonest salesmen. Harry belittles her, making Matilda to retaliate by putting super-super glue in his hat. Zinnia drives over after she won double bingo. Harry and his family leave to go to the restaurant.

Later, Agatha Trunchbull visits Harry and requests a jalopy, Harry sells it to her after making a deal.

The location isn't seen again for the rest of the film, until at the end of the film, it revealed it had gone bankrupt after Harry went out of business due to the latter got prosecuted for his shady dealings.


  • Harry does some kind of thing at Wormwood Motors that will eventually get him into trouble with the law: He uses super glue on the bumpers, which is vandalism. He pours sawdust in the car's engine that is cheating. And reversing speedometers with a drill is mostly illegal.
    • Actually in real life, reversing odometers is against the law.